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  Human beings ingest food to live. What's not absorbed is discharged as excrement, but what is absorbed by the digestive system is burned in the body through a myriad of processes, and is ultimately discharged from the body as carbon dioxide and water. That is, gaseous carbon bonds with oxygen and leaves the body as carbon dioxide during exhalation, and another gas, hydrogen ions, bonds with oxygen and is discharged as water in the form of sweat or urine. Hydrogen, at this point, is a positive ion and is useless to a living body - in fact it is harmful. With the increase of this hydrogen ion, the acidity increases, pH being the measure of this acidity. This hydrogen ion acidifies the body and becomes the cause of disease, and what neutralizes the hydrogen ions is oxygen. The hydrogen bonds with oxygen and becomes water, which is discharged from the body. As the amount of hydrogen in the body increases, the need for oxygen to neutralize the hydrogen increases.

When germanium is administered, it bonds with hydrogen in place of oxygen, and prevents the waste of oxygen in the body; this is how germanium helps the body's recovery and cell regeneration, playing a crucial role in maintaining the body's well being. "Germanium disappears from the body without a trace within 20-30 hours; large amounts of radical-laden germanium could be seen in the urine." Just from this we can see that side effects will not be a concern. Besides helping to discharge all kinds of harmful substances from the body in this way, germanium re-alkalinizes waste products that have already been acidified, promoting metabolism and greatly affecting the genes and bioactivity.

>>GERMANIUM ENHANCES THE BODY'S NATURAL HEALING POWERS Whether a drug is taken orally or by injection, in order for it to have the intended effect it must first be "absorbed" and reach the target cells or system. The speed of absorption depends on the quality of the drug or the method by which the drug is administered. The accepted theory is that hypodermic injection is quicker than oral administration, and that intravenous injection is quicker than hypodermic injection. When taken orally, powder is more quickly absorbed than coarse crystals. Next, in order for the absorbed drug to reach the cell and have the desired effect, it must be able to permeate through cell walls, which requires solubility. The drug must dissolve before finally mixing with blood and distributed throughout the body. The absorbed drug sets off active chemical changes within the body, especially in the liver. This change is called metastasis. No matter how good a drug's ingredients are, to a living body it is still foreign body. Thus a drug metastasizes in the liver, where its action winds down, and turns into a substance that can readily dissolve in water and be discharged. This is a kind of defensive mechanism for the body, which by instinct wants to detoxify the drug - a foreign body as far as it's concerned - and discharge it as quickly as possible. We need to keep in mind here that depending on the drug, metastasis can produce a harmful substance that causes side effects. In any case, when a drug is absorbed into the body in this way, some of it undergoes chemical change within the body and is transformed into another substance, and some of it carries out its intended purpose and is discharged from the body. Although undesirable, some of the drug deposited in the liver, the spleen, or another organ remains in the body for a long time, causing side effects.

Such absorption, metabolism, and excretion is known as general medicinal action, and in germanium's general medicinal test results, absorption and excretion were quick and there was almost no residue left in the body. That is, after being administered germanium was evenly distributed to each organ and served its purpose, and after 3 hours 90% was discharged through the urine, and after 12 hours almost no residue remained in the body. From this it can be concluded that there should be no concern that germanium will accumulate in the body and cause side effects. Also, based on tests on animals, germanium showed no medicinal action in healthy animals, while manifesting healing action in sick animals. This is germanium's biological attribute, and what is believed to be related to its effectiveness in lowering blood pressure, regulating the immune system, inducing interferon, and anticancer functions, which will be discussed later.

>>GERMANIUM AND ITS REGULATION OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM The method of curing diseases can be divided into two categories.

The first is the Western method of administering a drug directly to the source of the disease or a tissue, and the other is the method based on the eastern approach to medicine - curing disease by raising the level of the body's resistance to disease, raising the immunity levels that have declined with age, or correcting abnormalities in the immune system by suppressing hyperactive functions. Although it is not clearly known what causes various incurable diseases such as cancer, but it is suspected that these onset of these diseases and hyperactivity are caused by abnormalities in the immune system, based on the fact that the patients manifest immune deficiencies. A good example of this argument is AIDS.

Therefore, because immunity-enhancing treatment has been applied recently in treating cancer patients, medical treatment based on correcting immune-system abnormalities is receiving a great deal of attention. This is what is known as immunity modulation treatment, which uses an immunity-controlling agent. Preliminary studies in this field have found that germanium has an immunity-regulating effect, and recent research has suggested that germanium is linked to anti-cancer efficacy.

The experiment was conducted as follows. A group of mice were divided into subgroups according to age - 5-8 weeks, 13-18 weeks, and 30-40 weeks - and using a small amount of SRBC as an antigen, germanium was administered along with immunization; after 4 days, spleen cells were extracted from the mice and measured for PFC and studied. When the results were tallied, there was no increase in PFC in the 5-8 week old mice - which were expected to show normal immune responses - even after germanium was administered; in fact, there was even a decrease in PFC. This meant that germanium had no effect on these mice. But in older mice, 30-40 weeks old, whose immunity had drastically deteriorated, showed PFC increase levels nearly twice as high as the control group that did not receive germanium injections. From this we can see that germanium is not simply an immunity-reinforcing agent, but acts as a regulator of the immune system, lowering levels where the immune response is excessive while raising levels where the immune response has deteriorated.

Currently available drugs that regulate the immune-system include Levamisole, Penicillamine, and Sodium Aurothiomalate, and among these Levamisole is the most widely used. Levamisole, however, is known to have severe side effects, including agranulocytosis. Agranulocytosis is a disease characterized by a decrease in white blood cells; lymphocytes are present but granulocytes all but disappear, weakening resistance to viral infections, and the patient suffers from inflammation of the throat that is accompanied by high fever and pain.

Germanium does not have side effects that are associated with Lavamisole. It raises the body's immunity levels, which is effective in combating cancer, and prevents many other complications; it is a drug whose efficacy is anticipated in other areas besides cancer.

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